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Enter a word or phrase that describes your product or service and click "Submit".

The results show search query statistics for searches on Yandex that include the words or phrases you entered (on the left) and similar searches made (on the right).

The figures next to each query in the results are a provisional forecast for the number of impressions a month you'll receive if you use the query as one of your keywords. So the number next to the word "telephone" denotes the number of impressions for all searches containing the word "telephone": "sell telephone", "buy telephone", "second hand telephone", "but a new polkadot telephone" etc.

Click "All regions" to find out how many people from a specific region search for a keyword.

Are people searching for your goods/services? Place a contextual ad!

If people are searching online for your products or services it means there's demand for them. Take advantage of this and place an ad on Yandex.Direct and we'll show it to the people searching for what you're selling.

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The minimum order is only 15 EUR